Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

For me, losing weight has never been a huge problem, until I reached mt 30’s. It seemed that I was so used to eating what I wanted that I never considered that there would be a time when I couldn’t get away with eating cheeseburgers and candy everyday without gaining any weight.

So here I am at the age of 31 (almost 31) and I’ve gained well over 40lbs since high school. I know its been a long time since then, but even at 25 I was still holding steady at 130 lbs. I felt pretty good about that, but the weight just kept creeping up. In the past year or so I’ve tried everything from slim fast shakes to calorie counting to every low carb diet on the market. I just could not stay on those programs for any length of time, they were too unrealistic.

For months now I’ve seen online advertisements for Fat Loss 4 Idiots and quickly dismissed to program as just another dieting scam.What could this program give to me that the others hadn’t been able to? I believed that in order to lose weight I had to suffer and avoid all the foods that I liked.
I’ve seen the advertisement online for months and thought it was just another weight loss dieting scam. How could this work? Before I spent all of my time couting calories and taking foods that I loved out my diet. I thought this would be the only way to lose weight, I thought I had to suffer in order to successfully lose weight.

Finally, in June of 2008 I gave in, I went ahead and started the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program against my better judgment and I’m sure glad I did. Once I logged in I had access to a personalized diet generator that allowed me to choose the foods that I liked to eat. Their program was tailored to my tastes, providing me with the best fat burning foods out there.

I only had two months until my annual family reunion in Cancun and I was desperate to lose 30lbs. Some of my family members I hadn’t seen in almost five years and I really did not want to show up…fat. I got on the scale the very first day of the program and I weighed 165lbs. I kept up with the program for 11 days and lost 9 lbs! Finally I was losing weight.

I just couldn’t believe that I finally found a program that left me energetic, satisfied and also helped me to shed unwanted pounds. Every week the past I would get more and more questions from my co-workers regarding my appearance.It was like I was melting the fat away right in front of their eyes. They wanted to know my secret.

I wanted to keep my the Fat Loss 4 Idiots secret to myself! By July I was half way to my goal weight and the morning of August 5th (a day I will never forget) I got to my goal weight of 135lbs! 30 pounds gone in just two months. I bought a brand new swimsuit for the beach and I felt hotter than I had in years.

If you’re curious or even skeptical about Fat Loss 4 Idiots I beg you to give it a try, not only to lose weight, but you will feel so much better!




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